We have exceeded our $50,000 donation target and so we’d like to extend a huge thankyou to everyone who contributed and donated to this very important appeal.

Access to the $3556.75 QLD Flood Internet Business Success Package has now closed.

You are still encouraged to donate to Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal
as the Premier has extended the appeal to to help Queenslanders
affected by the recent Tropical Cyclone Yasi.

“We Need Your Help to Re-Build the Lives of Those Devastated by Australia’s Worst Ever Natural Disaster”

OUR PROMISE: If You Give A Little – We’ll Give you Back a Lot More

A $47 donation from you will give you instant access to a suite of Internet Business Products valued at $3556.75!

Dent Street Underwater

Shocked by the devastating Australian floods, Queenslanders Andrew and Daryl Grant have joined forces with many of the world’s leading internet marketers to raise as much money as possible for the Premier’s Queensland Flood Relief Appeal.

PLEASE NOTE: None of the participating internet marketers are making a red cent from this charity initiative. This is our sincere effort to fight our feelings of helplessness, and pitch in and do our bit to help our fellow Queenslanders in the face of the massive tragedy that has rocked us all. Everyone involved in setting up and distributing this site has donated their time and expertise – some in between helping clean up the homes of flood victims

Citizens Evacuating

Residents help evacuate one of thousands of homes damaged or destroyed by the deadly floods that hit Queensland,Australia last week affecting an area the size of France and Germany combined.. They need your help!All pictures on this site are courtesy of the Courier Mail Newspaper.

Here’s How You Can Help

  1. Read the information below and on our Flood Facts page to find out more about the impact that the flood has had on Queensland.

  2. Click on any of the Donate Now buttons below to be taken direct to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Appeal website. Make a donation of $47 or more, then return to this page.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of this page, click on the Access Your Qld Flood Internet Business Success Package button. You’ll be asked to enter your receipt number and the amount you donated. You will then be given access to the download instructions. You can download as many products in the package that you want.

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The heartbreaking facts on why tens of thousands of Queenslanders desperately need YOUR help

Australia’s 3rd largest city Brisbane, and the entire state of Queensland, is in the midst of the worst crisis in its history.

Lives have been lost and thousands of homes and businesses destroyed in 86 flood affected communities across the state.

This disaster has generated headlines around the world. So you’ve probably seen the harrowing pictures on TV of people being plucked from flood waters and the roofs of their homes.

But here’s the sobering facts behind the headlines:

  • ¾ of the state is flood affected, an area the size of Germany and France combined

  • So far 20 people are confirmed dead the majority of them children or the elderly. That figure is expected to rise with grave fears held for another 14 missing. There are also concerns that some bodies will never be found due to the ferocity of the floodwaters in some isolated areas.

  • 50 evacuation centres were housing 4,436 people displaced by the floodwater while tens of thousands more were holed up with friends and family

  • Urgent food drops have been made to regional and suburban centres to people stranded by flood waters

  • Water supply in 26 towns has been flood affected

  • 22,000 homes in Brisbane, Ipswich and the Lockyer Valley remain without power

  • Major infrastructure like CBD roads and public transport have been destroyed or are at risk of crumbling from flood damage

  • 60 schools have been flood damaged and 86 childcare centres are inaccessible

  • The state’s lifeblood industries of mining, agriculture and tourism have been crippled

  • The insurance bill for regional Queensland alone stands at $365 million so far with the total cost of the clean predicted to be in the billions

This is just a preview of the damage and heartbreak as the floodwaters are yet to recede in many areas revealing the true extent of the devastation.

Aussies have banded together to respond
to the crisis but we need YOUR help…

In what has been described as a people’s army, already over 20,000 volunteers have pitched in to help with the clean up and re-building process.

Millions have so far been donated to the victims by the government and the public.

But more funds will be needed as people seek to rebuild their lives in the weeks and months ahead. It is estimated that it may take years to recover.

Why The Authorities Prefer Cash Donations

Houses Underwater

Authorities have asked the public to donate cash instead of goods as the logistics of handling large amounts of food, clothing and household equipment is overwhelming.

Flood victims spending money in their local communities also helps re-build local businesses and communities so there’s a positive ripple effect.

Not to mention having money to spend also restores the dignity and independence of people who have often lost everything.

That’s why donating cash is such a powerful way to make a difference in a flood victim’s life.

That’s where YOU and I come in…

  1. Make a direct donation to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Appeal, return here and get access to your package at the bottom of this page

  2. Send a link to this website to all your family, friends, colleagues and customers via email or through social media to spread the news about this fundraising effort.

Residential Waterway

Residential neighbourhoods were transformed into waterways over-night by the ferocity of the floodwaters

Our goal of raising $50,000 has been exceeded. Let’s see if we can reach $100,000!

Your Donation will Also Help Your Future

There’s nothing better than giving to those who’s need is greater than yours. If you were in this situation, wouldn’t you like to be reassured that others would give you their instant and unconditional help and support?

At times like this we reassess what’s truly important in our lives. Petty quarrels are forgotten, our relentless quest for material things takes a back seat and we take the time to be grateful for what we do have – our lives and our family and friends.

Not only will your cash help thousands of people rebuild their homes and their businesses, you will also be receiving extremely valuable help to future proof your financial life.

Imagine not knowing where your next dollar is coming from?

If you have one or more sources of passive income, then you are well on the way to being independently financially secure. You’re effectively future proofing yourself against financial disaster which as we’ve seen could happen to anyone, at any time.

Take time to review and implement the goldmine of information contained in the Qld Flood Internet Business Success Package, and help secure your future as well as that of others.

So please dig deeper than you ever have before.
Many lives depend on it.

When You’ve Donated, Get Access Here

When you’ve made your donation, click the link below to access your $3556.75 Qld Flood Internet Business Success package.

You’ll need to have your Donation Receipt Number and amount at hand.